Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Opening Day :)

Hey all!

So around lunch time today, I hit the "Open Shop" button on Etsy after months of thinking about it and planning it and making items and figuring out sales tax and hoping and praying (and more praying...). It's been a pretty momentous day for me. Lots of emotions, but the biggest one is a sense of accomplishment. And that is a freaking fabulous feeling (alliteration, anyone?)!!! The second biggest is thankfulness - to my husband, to my family, to my friends, and to a couple of complete strangers who took the time to answer questions I had and to give me encouragement. I know opening a business in this economy is probably...well...insane. But my thoughts are that if I can make it work now, when there's not a lot of extra money floating around out there, then when good economic times roll around again, it'll be that much easier. So hopefully I will make it. If not, then I chalk this up to experience and put it on my resume.

I spent the morning Skyping with my sister getting her input on item descriptions (which she was very helpful with - thanks Leigh Ann!). This afternoon will be spent cleaning up the craft room (which is a disaster area at the moment) and obsessively checking my Etsy stats every 2 minutes to see how many people have seen the shop and whether or not there are any orders. Oh, hold on...gotta go check those right quick...Oh zowee. 22 page views! In less than an hour! Good stuff :)

Oh! We are going to move the craft room from the wee space it occupies now (an 11 x 9 room between the living room and our bedroom) to the largest upstairs bedroom! I have officially run out of room for materials and finished items. And the actual work space gets cluttered so quickly (b/c there's nowhere else to put anything) and it's hard to work in the midst of all that clutter. So Kevin will be painting the upstairs room this week and hopefully next week we will move everything into the new room. I'm having a hard time deciding on what color to paint it. I'm torn between a turquoise blue and a creamy yellow. I think I'm leaning towards the yellow - a cheerful, sunshiny yellow. I could work in a yellow room...what do you guys think?

It's time to check the stats again.....29 page views!!! 7 more than one paragraph ago! So exciting. And yes, I know I'm an odd duck.


And here's the link to Whifferdill on Etsy...

Love and hugs,

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