Saturday, September 8, 2012

Autumnal Bliss

Yes, I know it's not fall yet. And yes, I know that currently it is 91 degrees outside. But a cold front is coming through tonight and next week will have highs around 77....I can smell it coming. Both literally and figuratively since I am burning a Yankee candle called Apple Pumpkin in the living room right now and it smells like every good thing fall has to offer. Which is quite a long list of good things. Sweaters, pumpkin bread, apple cider, boots, crunchy leaves, piling more blankets on the bed, open windows, the smell of wood fires, cornucopias, mums...the list could go on and on, really. The point is, autumn is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! This coming week I'll be focusing on all things fall while I'm in the studio. I've got some ideas for fall-themed items that will hopefully knock your wool socks off. I will also be drinking copious amounts of apple cider and shoveling entire loaves of pumpkin bread in my mouth while trying to make these items. Should be interesting. I'll keep you posted :)

In other studio news, I've picked the color for the new studio space upstairs - Valspar's Summer Sun. It's a creamy, dreamy, buttery yellow that isn't too bright. The wonderful hubs has already painted the ceiling and trim a bright white and will commence painting the walls early next week. So hopefully I will be moving in by the end of the week!! Here's an inkling of what it will look like. Unfortunately, I had to go with a dining room for the example because the people at Valspar think that folks don't paint their offices or studios...but whatevs.

As for the 5K's been a little slow. As in pretty much nonexistent in the past 2 weeks. With the mad rush to open up the shop and the emotionally-and-physically-drained aftermath of that mad rush, I simply didn't have the time or energy to go out and walk/jog. But I think I'm fully recovered (as I sit here typing this in my pajamas at 4:55 on a Saturday afternoon...) and Monday I'll start back up with a walk after breakfast. In brisk weather. There might be the barest whisper of a nip in the air! I might even have to wear workout pants instead of shorts!! Sigh. Oh, fall. I'd marry you if I weren't already married (to an amazing, wonderful, and simply perfect-for-me dude). So we'll just keep this strictly platonic.
Love and pumpkin-scented hugs,

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