Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Puttering Along and Auntdom

Hello, folks :) It's been a while since the last post...and it seems I always start my blog posts with that sentence...

 Ah, well. It is what it is.

 So what's new with me, you ask? Quite a bit and not a lot, all at the same time. Right now my entire family is waiting with bated breath for the arrival of my nephew. He's due on the 5th and I can't wait! This little guy is the first kid of Mary & Jason's and I'm betting my bottom dollar that he will come out with a head full of red hair and wearing glasses.

 The prospect of auntdom is a little daunting, to tell the truth. I've never been one for babies and I think I've only held maybe 2 or 3 in my entire life. I don't do well with bodily functions, so this is going to be interesting. But then I think about all the fun we're gonna have together and that makes the whole bodily function thing somewhat bearable. Plus, I get to buy him ridiculously cute wee outfits. So I think this is going to be okay.

 I'll be down east for a couple of weeks with our other sister helping out the new parents when they need it and sewing my head off when they don't. Both of us are bringing our sewing machines to make nursery curtains. And maybe I will start on the quilt that I promised myself I would make in 2013. Sewing is intimidating to me, so having Leigh Ann there to encourage me will definitely help out.

 As for Whifferdill, things are puttering along. I've started a list of ideas for wreaths for holidays and seasons. I've also started embroidering again and I think I will have a few embroidered items up soon in the shop. I really like embroidery. You can find a lot of zen when you're simply stitching along in a room where the only sound is large doggies snoring and chasing rabbits in their sleep.

 Santa was amazingly good to me this year and brought me a Canon Rebel T3 and I am so excited to be learning more about photography! Kevin and I had discussed purchasing one for Whifferdill's product photography. I really wanted a DSLR and to learn about digital photography so that photos of my items would look more professional. My little point-and-shoot works just fine, but I knew that I could do better with better equipment. So I've been playing around and reading blogs and tutorials and the owner's manual. There's a lot to learn! I'm starting to get a handle on the basics, though.

 In other news, I might be starting a full-time job in addition to running Whifferdill. A friend of ours knows of a receptionist position coming open near the end of January and it sounds perfect. Answering phones, greeting people, light clerical work. Very much up my alley (I actually like customer service jobs - I know, it's crazy). I'd make enough moolah to pay the bills and would have most weekends free to be able to attend craft fairs with Whifferdill. I haven't interviewed or anything yet, so it's still a bit up in the air. But I think it's a great opportunity and I'm crossing my fingers it all works out.

 Hmmm...anything else going on? Nope, that pretty much sums it up. I think I'm going to get back to my stack of library books and then cook some dinner. This, dear reader, is the good life.

 Love and hugs,
(almost)Aunt Ru

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